Roll20 Con! Come Play!

Hey everybody!

So I made a last minute decision to run a game at Roll20 Con to meet some of you and have some fun playing 13th Age. I will be running The Gauntlet from the amazing campaign book Eyes of the Stone Thief. As a disclaimer, I think it’s fair to mention that I actually don’t own the book, but Cat Tobin was kind enough to provide me with some stuff for Gen Con 2016, which I will also be running games at. If you’re attending Gen Con this year, be so kind as to not join the game and let someone who can’t make it play this wonderful module!

The game is designed for 6th level and I haven’t really given much thought on pregens. If you guys have me on my Twitter, send me a tweet if you’ve joined the game and would prefer a pre generated character. I’d be more than happy to do that for you. If you want to build your own character but don’t know how, also shoot me a tweet! Maybe we can work something out to Skype in the coming week and build a character together. Well, until then…

Stay Metal! \m/


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