MultiQuest series: Tusk-face and Barbie Elf.

This is great. If only I wanted kids…

Entire Party Killed

(See also A basic solution, the introduction to the series)

My children have never heard of Dungeons & Dragons, nor did they understand my explanation of the game- not a word. Nevertheless, they are keen to play in my D&D campaign. Wait’ll they get a load of those funny shaped dice.

So what qualifications, if any, do my children have to play D&D?

My eleven year old son, Dan, enjoys binge-watching all six Blu-ray discs of Lord of the Rings: Extended Edition. Yep, the Peter Jackson version of Middle-Earth that has a shield surfing elf, a comic relief dwarf, a mighty wizard who hasn’t very many magic tricks, and oliphaunts the size of an Imperial AT-AT. (By Pelor! How many kilometres of forest does an Oliphaunt have to consume each day to survive?)


I’m guessing Dan was thinking Urak-hai when he insisted on playing an orc…

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